Puget Sound Energy: How Avertra helped their customers benefit from energy assistance

Our DXP, MiCustomer was selected by PSE to bridge the gap between 1.5 million available funds and customers in need of energy assistance. The solution was able to put these funds in the hands of customers, but also create a more streamlined customer experience.

Sarah Beirouti

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Puget Sound Energy (PSE) partnered with Avertra to bridge the gap between available funds and 1.5 million customers in need of energy assistance dollars. Avertra’s MiCustomer digital experience platform (DXP) was selected to streamline and improve its customer experience by giving customers the opportunity to apply for financial support and schedule appointments. The solution handled 10,000 inbound self-service applications and saved 7,500 employee hours. In early 2021, PSE proactively identified customers with past due balances and no clear means to pay. Its solution automatically created applications and pledged funds to customer accounts with no involvement from the customer.

Check out the impact that Avertra had from a customer, employee, and business standpoint.

Ask yourself, “How do I normally approach my customers’ problems? How do I make their life easier? Do I take a reactive or proactive approach?”. Your answer determines the success of your business, and many other things.

By empowering your customers with a platform to become self-sufficient, you offer your employees the freedom to perform better at their job. Choosing a more proactive approach to solve potential bottlenecks will help you steer away from costly outcomes and retain customers.

If your call center agents have to deal with a large volume of customer complaints every single day, that won’t just take a toll on your employees’ performance, but your customer experience will also be a total nightmare. Instead of hiring more call center agents, why not support your customers with the right digital tools?