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Chicago, Illinois (08/31/2023) – Avertra renews its role as a silver sponsor of the highly anticipated SAP for Utilities (SAP4U) event, presented by ASUG.

SAP4U stands as a catalyst for digital transformation, guiding businesses toward innovation and significant change. In its 16th annual edition, this industry leading conference is set to take place between October 9–11 in the vibrant city of Chicago, IL, allowing industries to network on a different level to tackle the most critical challenges to organizations and teams. With SAP4U acting as a compass, those who attend this event will learn from SAP leadership and help their business gain the most value from their SAP technology investment.

North America’s leading event is ideal for individuals and teams across the utilities industry, which serves as a hotbed for riveting discussions and speaker sessions that target some of the industry’s toughest challenges. This conference is particularly relevant for managerial-level professionals actively engaged in providing customer, technical, or functional support for their SAP environment.

Immerse yourself in the SAP ecosystem and dive into these hot topics:

  1. Digital Transformation: Embrace digital transformation and discover the latest cutting-edge technologies. Learn more about different cloud migration options to help you maximize your SAP investment.
  1. Regulatory Impacts: Understand how recent regulations impact your enterprise and affect planning cycles.
  1. Implement Sustainable Solutions: Master your sustainability strategy to reduce your carbon footprint, and stabilize waste and waste resources, and learn more about the circular economy and different regulatory challenges.
  1. SAP Roadmaps for Utilities: Discover different ways to build better customer experiences through software upgrades, cybersecurity, individualized CX, enterprise asset management (EAM), and customer information systems in your ERP.
  1. Transform Your Finance and Operations: Learn from others about their ERP transformations and the most recent innovations in finance, HR, and supply chain to improve your overall business performance.
  1. Solve Materials, Sources, and Security Challenges: Gain more knowledge on the best practices for sourcing materials, measurement of data and analytics, and water security and wastewater challenges.

As part of its silver sponsorship, Avertra brings its team of experts to help you make the most out of your SAP investment and thrive in an ever-changing landscape. Get a free consultation at the event and gain insight on your business needs to power up your customer experience. 

About Avertra

Avertra is a digital experience company offering state-of-the-art products and services for businesses to close the gap between them, their customers, and employees. Avertra are leaders in innovating smart end-to-end solutions for a range of industries such as: utilities, logistics, banking, and professional services. The company compels a deep understanding of human needs allowing for reimagined customer and employee experiences, challenging traditional means of work through smart process automation, AI, and ML. 

About ASUG

ASUG is America’s largest network of SAP customers, partners, and professionals. We help people and organizations get the most value from their SAP technology investments by connecting members to invaluable opportunities, including independent, real-world expertise and educational resources that help you get smart fast—so you can save time, avoid obstacles, and accomplish more.