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Avertra is a digital strategy and solution focused consulting organization that advises our clients on technologies to optimize, simplify, and improve business performance.  Our mission is simple; drive the greatest value from the most cost effective technologies to achieve the desired business outcomes.

Innovative Products.  Exceptional Services.


Transformational Strategies to align information technology with your business objectives.  Whether its implementing new technologies, extending your existing IT investments, or helping to reduce operational IT costs, Avertra simplifies these decisions through clear, financially sound business cases that maximize rewards and mitigate risk.


Platform development and SaaS, Our web 2.0 proprietary platform designed to optimize how our clients in the Utility industry support the Meter to Cash cycle, customer engagement, empowering field operations and streamlining meter reading.


Big Data.  Bigger Decisions.Fluent in the most comprehensive analytical toolsets on the market, Avertra helps users gain meaningful insight. From C-level executives to end consumers, we deliver prebuilt dashboards specific to the industries we serve and the questions they have.


Managed and Outsources services from application, operation and infrastructure Tier 1 – 3 services. This includes IaaS, CcaaS, SaaS.


QA and testing to save time and money Avertra has built out an automated inventory of industry specific tests. Our testing suit is geared to reduce implementation time by 15%, saving our customers valuable time and of course project budgets.


Talent/Staff Augmentation services, Helping clients and industry partners staff large enterprise projects.

Customer focused delivery.

At Avertra, we believe the desired outcomes dictate the solutions proposed and we base our solution recommendations on what you need, not any specific technology we’re trying to sell. Collaboration and creative approaches are a keystone of our delivery. We align with our clients through excellence and transparency, turning clients into partners.

Avertra applies proprietary hybrid-methodologies and accelerators to increase the speed of projects and improve the return on investment of our customers. These approaches can also reduce risk and increase functionality according to each client’s needs.

Never Out of Site. Never Out of Mind.

Excellence and transparency are defined by the relationships our consultants build with our clients. Our on-site account management and local resource models ensure that the expertise our clients expect is available and relevant to advise, build, manage and deliver successful projects.

Industry-specific expertise.

With Avertra, you’ll get both technical expertise and industry knowledge. Most of our consultants are former practitioners in the industries they serve.


We understand our partners business!!

SAP Services

SAP implementations are massive operations that utilize ample resources, bring considerable changes and impact almost everyone across the organization.

Avertra SAP Solutions include:

  • Implementation
  • Application Management and Support (AMS)
  • Audit Service
  • Landscape Migration
  • Upgrading

Utility Services

Subject matter expertise across SAP development and deployment to Energy and Utilities clients across North America.

As Utility and Energy Providers move from a standard CIS to an SAP ERP Solution, many make the financial investment for the technology itself but face major challenges attempting to integrate their new ERP Solution into their technical environments. Often, this can be attributed to not having the necessary resources on staff to support the implementation and integration of the Solution into their business and technical environments.

Business Analytics

Avertra delivers true self-service business intelligence that empowers customers with the right information wherever they are. We aim to provide you with a single decision support system that serves as a “Corporate Memory” for all the transactions and data of your organization.

Growing volumes of organizational data and the ability to leverage it effectively in less time and with more certainty is a challenge for all organizations.

Avertra has a wide spectrum of offerings which includes:

  • Data Warehousing
  • Business Intelligence Implementation