Reduce the time it takes from meter read entry to bill printing from 3 DAYS to 1 DAY

The  MiRead® Portal and  Mobile Applications bridge the gap  between  classical meter  reading  and  a  full  AMI implementation.   Built  on  the  MiUtility® platform, the MiRead® application can be easily implemented to integrate with your back end system and runs on your current meter reading schedule. You do not have to change your current meter reading process!   The  MiRead® Portal application allows you to  easily manage route allocations, perform route analytics and control meter readers in the system. The MiRead® Mobile application adapts to your meter read order creation so your meter readers always see the most up-to- date order information.







Meter Reading Supervisor Portal

Schedule Cycles and Routes

Real-Time Route Status

Route Analytics

Manage Meter Readers

Curbing Detection

Meter Reader Mobile Application

Real Time Meter Reading Upload

Real Time Meter Reading Validation








Google Enterprise Integration

GPS navigation

Location Based Sequencing


Meter Reading Image Upload

Online/Offline Mode

Order Reallocation

Trouble and Skip Codes, Special Messages, Track Keys