Our goal is to have our customer achieve immediate realization of the benefit of our service within the first year post go live.

Avertra is a Global Integration Services, Products & Consultancy Organization with a specific focus on the Energy & Utilities Industry. With one of the best internal Implementation, Development, Support and Services Teams in the US & European Markets, we strive to exceed our Customers’ expectations and achieve immediate realization of our value within the first year of our partnerships. Our internal and external teams possess the highest level of experience when it comes to SAP IS-U/CR&B Consulting & Advisement, CSS Web Portal Product Deployments, Smart Grid Solutions and Analytics for Business Intelligence. Our innovative solutions and delivery models are designed to take our Customers’ to the point where support is a choice, not a requirement.

Our principle is to maintain a long term commitment and relationship with all our customers and employees.

Avertra analysts are experienced in end to end pilot project design and deployment, as well as technology and business process transformation.


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