The Risk of Not Digitizing

The main culprit of your business failing? Outdated processes. However, adopting a digital strategy with a trusted vendor like Avertra can change the fate of your company - here are the key benefits.

Liza Ihneif

Beyond Liza’s coffee addiction and love affair with her cat ‘Snowy’, she is a dedicated Agile Project Coordinator with a passion for technology, client relationships, and digital transformation. Despite her busy schedule, Liza still manages to be a social butterfly in Avertra’s community.

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In the past decade, especially during the post pandemic, digitization has swept and overtaken the majority of industries. Despite that, with little to no competition in the industry, utility companies had no intention of digitizing their business processes and enhancing their customer experience. Some went far enough to assume their customers had no issues with their outdated processes. As the term becomes a recurring topic in many conversations, digital transformation is no longer a buzzword but an imperative that every utility should understand. Over 70% of companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on implementing one. So what are the risks of not digitizing?

1. Higher costs and unnecessary labor

Higher running costs, longer working hours, and a stressful work environment are just a few of the outcomes that an outdated legacy system is guilty of putting your employees through.

2. Inefficient processes

Without solutions that can take over your repetitive, mundane tasks and empower your employees through meaningful work, you are only putting a band-aid on the wound. Your business will only run half as efficiently until your core issue is addressed.

3. Customer dissatisfaction

In this digital age, customers expect real time data and communication. Any type of customer service that does not reach those standards means you’ll have to wave your customers goodbye.

Now that we’ve covered the risks, let’s list the benefits of digitizing your processes.

1. Increased employee productivity

Reduce the risk of human error with process automation and repurpose valuable human skill and time to more complex tasks, while increasing productivity.

2. Improved business processes

Embrace a whole new way of working with efficient processes, and centralized and accurate data – your employees will thank you for it.

3. Enhanced customer service

Break-free from all the communication barriers with AI chatbots, virtual agents, and omnichannel communications, and speak the language of your customer.

If you choose to build a digital strategy with a trusted vendor, like Avertra, digitizing your processes will offer you many benefits with the choice of personalizing your digital transformation to suit both your business and customers. Co-innovate with Avertra today and let us simplify your life one digital experience at a time.