Spend Your Money Wisely

Dalia Abu-Zeid

Jan. 2022

The Information Technology (IT) and utility industries are constantly changing.  Regulatory adjustments, customer demands, depreciation and introduction of new technology stacks, aging workforce, and global pandemics create an ocean of uncertainty that can be difficult to navigate.

In this ever-changing social and economic landscape, flexibility and agility are more valuable than ever.  In fact, they are key to a company’s success. With company budgets shrinking and customer expectations simultaneously increasing, the next 12 months of organizations’ IT and business spend will ultimately set the foundation for the next 5 years of their digital journey.  That means that making the wrong investment can not only result in lost money, but also lost time which organizations can never get back.

Investments can be detrimental to organizations because investments pose risk, and large investments don’t always have guaranteed return. Instead of making big investments, make smart investments

Here’s how we can help: MiCustomer Platform

Re-usability is embedded into the core of our platform architecture. Each component is all adaptable, consistent, error-proof, and flexible. The re-usability of the MiCustomer platform component design simplifies the platform architecture and makes it easy to build up and grow. Changes can be made almost instantaneously using templated design and configurable core components.  This results in extreme scalability across clients which can be delivered in heavily abbreviated time frames compared to traditional platforms. We strive to grow with our clients by making easy-to-scale solutions and offering options for phased, controlled-paced projects that fit clients’ velocity.

Our MiCustomer platform can be bought as an entire suite that is easily integratable or as individual products as per the business needs of your company. Whether the implementation is miniscule or full-blown, we’re fully committed to simplifying and optimizing your digital journey.

Our digital customer experience platform is easily integratable with your existing systems and business processes, no matter how old or new they are. Extending IT systems is a cost effective alternative to full system replacement and allows organizations to avoid significant change management initiatives for retraining. Better yet, this entire implementation process can be done in a matter of 4 months or less!

Not only are our applications easy to deploy and extend, but they’re also easy to change.

Reusable designs and efficient processes enable companies to make changes as their businesses demand

 Instead of locking you in with us as a vendor, we aim to make you your OWN vendor! Avertra is unique in terms of being the only partner in the market that empowers its clients to make their own changes with Mendix and realize their investment at the fastest time possible. And we’ve seen that happen with the majority of our clients.

All of our solutions are carefully designed and priced to pay for themselves within three years. This is particularly important in light of COVID-19, where unexpected costs can still result in solid returns. Our customers have been able to take advantage of automated alternatives to manual activities that aren’t quite as easy in the era of social distancing, but will still provide benefits into the future.

Utility Expertise

Our experience with utilities sets us apart from competitors. Over 80% of our Avertra employees have been utility employees, utility consultants, or allocated to utility projects over the course of their lifetime employment.  Every process on the MiCustomer platform is personalized to the exact needs of utility companies’ end customers as well as their employees. Our thought leadership and ability to think outside of the box enables us to anticipate potential blockers before they arise, determine the best design practices that are unique to each situation, and determine a solution that guarantees the fastest return on investment.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us help you make the most of your budget. Choose the wisest investment.