MiCustomer copy-JACS

Easy to use, state of the art, customer account management application with a call center administration module

The MiCustomer® Portal is an easy to use, state of the art, customer account management application with a call center administration module. Interacting directly with any back end system you use, the MiCustomer® Portal ensures your customers and agents are getting the most accurate and up to the minute information. The MiCustomer® Portal lets your customers:












View and pay bills online

Customer friendly e-Billing system to allow your customers to view their bills online and allows you to save money on printing costs.

Submit meter readings

Allow customers to submit their own meter readings and gain benefits such as early detection of a broken meter and increase the accuracy of future estimated meter readings while reducing operating costs.

Manage payment methods and monitor their usage

Start and Stop Service

Fully automated & integrated Start and Stop Service module that will truly allow for self-service through the entire customer lifecycle.

PCI compliant Environment

All in a PCI compliant environment that assures you and your customers that their data is safe and secure at all times.









Role Based Agency Access

Account Statements

Weather Integration 


Pre-Pay Engine

Behavioral Analysis and Recommendation

Home Profile 

Bill Disputes

Budget Billing and Installment Plans

Notification Threshold Management 


MiKiosk copy-JACS

Due to the flexible design of the application, we’re also able to run the MiCustomer® portal in MiKiosk® mode. This allows you to easily set up walk-in locations to allow customers to manage their account from a public accessible Kiosk in your office or at a local business partner’s location. This gives you another channel for customers to easily pay their bill digitally when they do not have an internet connection. Just walk up, register your account with MiKiosk®, pay your bill and come back next month to make another payment using the same username. We can process the payments for you or integrate with an existing payment processor you already use.