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The TMG 2023 Utility Forum, “The Journey to Sustainability: Opportunities and Pitfalls” will bring together a powerful network of utilities (water, electric, and gas), industry innovators, and thought leaders committed to customer-centric business transformation of the energy and utilities sector, sharing topics that are central to the evolution of today’s utility.

This year’s session themes cover a wide spectrum of critical topics in the energy and sustainability landscape. Some discussions will revolve around ensuring affordable sustainability goals that benefit all socio-economic communities, the readiness of energy storage for residential use, the effectiveness of different customer and conservation programs, understanding the technology needed to reduce carbon emissions, and more.

Join us at the event for a chance to be part of our speaker session, “Creating a Sustainable Path Towards Customer Excellence” on October 4, from 1:15-2:00 PM. In this session, Tampa Electric Company (TECO) will discuss the upgrading of its fragmented omnichannel customer experience, the strategy implemented to bridge their data silo gaps, and how they optimized their operations without any replacements or system disruptions. 

Another topic under the spotlight: TECO’s digital builder portal. In this session, you’ll also learn how the company was able to transform what was once a traditional, paper-based process to a fully digitized construction portal that enables builders to self-serve for faster project completion timelines.

To align with the event’s theme, we will also discuss what role our digital experience platform, MiCustomer plays in the world of sustainability. Our team of experts will cover the different ways the platform enables customers to become more conscious of their usage. This includes customer insights to help them identify patterns and plan for future consumption as well as different programs, insights, alerts, and recommendations to keep them in control of their usage.

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