Biggest Industry Trends of 2022: Stay One Step Ahead

Is your CX strategy shaped around tomorrow’s digital needs? No Author Jan. 2022 Over the last few months, digital has been put to the test like it has never before. Business continuity, internal ways of working, servicing customers all meant that organizations who are not digitally-led were least equipped to deal with the global crisis […]

No-Code vs. Low-Code: Everything you need to know

Spend Your Money Wisely Dalia Abu-Zeid Jan. 2022 The Information Technology (IT) and utility industries are constantly changing.  Regulatory adjustments, customer demands, depreciation and introduction of new technology stacks, aging workforce, and global pandemics create an ocean of uncertainty that can be difficult to navigate. In this ever-changing social and economic landscape, flexibility and agility […]

10 Tips to Focus your DigitalCustomer Experience Investments 

Focus your digital customer experience investments by considering these 10 tips No author Jan. 2022 1. Start with what your customers need now Technology for technology’s sake will not generate real value for your organization. To get the most of technology platforms and solution enhancements, start by prioritizing your customers’ current needs. What pain points […]

EVs- An Opportunity or Disaster for Utilities of the Future?

An Opportunity or Disaster for Utilities of the Future? Liza Ihneif Jan. 2022 Similarly to the internet becoming the Golden Age, Electric Vehicles – also known as EVs – are soon to become the Golden Age of the transportation industry. The expectation of EVs replacing conventional vehicles continues to dramatically accelerate as technology advances, infrastructures […]