Avertra Corp. celebrates its new office in Amman, Jordan

To celebrate its brand new office in the heart of Amman, Avertra Corp. held a grand opening event under the patronage of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship.

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Amman, Jordan – Headquartered in Virginia, Avertra Corp. has recently held a grand opening event, under the patronage of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MoDEE) to celebrate its brand new office in the heart of the Jordanian Kingdom, as it continues to expand regionally and globally, with the attendance of the Secretary-General of MoDEE, Samira Al- Zoubi, CEO of Queen Rania Foundation (QRF), Bassem Sa’ad, Chairman of Amcham, Samer Joudeh and CEO at Amcham, Raghad Alkhojah, Economic Officer at the American Embassy in Jordan, Manuela Hernandez, and Head of Public Relations at Int@j, Basel Al-Haqash.

Jordan’s population is predominantly under the age of 30 and while often educated, more than half of them are unemployed. The skills required by the private sector do not match with those of the youth, or education system. The situation for women is even more challenging. Jordan has the third lowest female labor force participation rate in the world, especially in the technology industry, yet almost an equal number of males and females obtain a computer science degree.

The country is slowly transforming into a regional hub for technology, with 12% of its GDP contributing to the ICT sector only. Avertra Corp. has taken upon itself to bridge the digital gap in youth and empower women as part of its corporate strategy. With 35% of its workforce being under 25 and 44% being women, the company joined forces with key institutions to create more relevant learning and training  opportunities, helping different vulnerable segments of society.

During the event, CEO and CTO at Avertra Corp., Bashir Bseirani emphasized the importance of upskilling Jordanian youth and empowering women through leadership roles within the industry, and said: “We’re honored that we opened our office under the patronage of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, and it was such a great pleasure to showcase our growth and success to Her Excellence, Samira Al Zoubi. Jordan is and will remain a major innovation hub for Avertra as we continue embarking on our mission of simplifying life”.

Since its establishment in 2014, Avertra has played an active role in building future generations that are capable of keeping up with the latest developments in the technology sector, while also maintaining Jordan’s position in digital literacy. In 2022, the company has issued 70 certifications among 35 young Jordanians as part of its academy, as it brings tech experts from all over the world to transform young minds and cultivate their abilities. With women comprising 44% of the local workforce, the company also aims to bridge the gender divide by the end of 2023 and create a perfectly balanced workforce through women empowerment and awareness programs in partnership with women-centric organizations.

Today, Avertra continues to be fully committed to equip Jordanian youth with the required knowledge and skills that will enable them to become active social and economic leaders within their community, and places women empowerment at the forefront of their values by qualifying them for leadership roles within the company, both of which would ultimately contribute to Jordan’s ecosystem.

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