The Customer Delightfulness Era Starts NOW



Written by: Jessica Kaszas

We’re tired of the same old, same old…

Traditionally, utility services have never been afraid of losing customers. At best, they made sure that customers were just satisfied enough to keep them from filing a complaint to the PUC. However, times are changing with the adoption of deregulation, consolidation, restructuring, and alternative energy options. As a result, smart utilities are adapting to other competitive business models to retain customers.

You know what it’s like….

In order to start gas, water, or electric services at your new apartment you would have to wait on hold for at least 15-20 minutes, followed by another 5-10 minutes of talking to a customer service representative. Oh yeah, and you would have to setup each service individually too.

Seriously, how hasn’t this gotten any easier…. or has it?

So what do we want, and when do we want it?

Utilities are finding that our consumer expectation is higher than ever: We want more than just customer satisfaction.
We want Customer Delightfulness.

Take that delight even farther with MiCustomer!

Our goal with MiUtility is for the customer to be DELIGHTED by using and participating in the service while leaving mere satisfaction in the dust.
MiCustomer is a customer self-service application that is not only easy to use, but it is intuitive; the call center admin module ensures both your customers AND agents are getting the most accurate up-to-the-minute information.
It simplifies otherwise tedious tasks like move in/move out, viewing and paying bills online, enrolling in customer programs such as budget billing and e-billing, submitting meter readings, managing payment methods, and more, all in a PCI compliant environment.


Reduce your call volume and make the shift from customer satisfaction to customer delightfulness with MiCustomer:

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