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Future Proof Platform: Across Your Utility's Operational & Customer Engagement Lifecycle

Your Customers Have Spoken, You Are STARTING  TO Listen. 

Their once-a-month/quarterly relationship with you isn’t working. It’s not that they don’t appreciate you. They just want you to get with the times. They want the same web-based account management and real time interaction they’ve become accustom to due to the consumerization of the e-commerce boom. You are now expected to provide a secure, fast, modern, easy to use and hassle free service to your customer.

Your Employees Are Shouting, Are You Listening? 

The software they are using on a daily basis is burdensome and requires a lot of training. Or there isn’t a piece of software on the market today that does what they need it to do. They want the same ease of usability and targeted processing they get out of the apps they use at home for their personal lives.  From mainframe green screens to today’s top CIS systems, the user experience across business units is not inline with your millennial workforce.  Why isn’t the software we need today, simple, utility focused and cost effective to customize?

SAY HI TO MiUtility®

Our utilities industry has and continues to undergo tremendous change. The technologies we hold in our hands and put in our homes, combined with an accelerating adoption of their use is poised to reset the fundamentals of how our industry operates in the new digital normal.

Business operations and IT management personnel at all levels understand the new expectations for technology: Real-time updates of field personnel, instant notifications to and from customers, seamless payment and interactions between stakeholders. How can your utility be more Uber-like? How can we make business…easy?

Avertra and our clients are defining this new normal with the MiUtility®™ suite powered by Avertra’s Grove™ technology platform. Our pace-layered technology strategy delivers systems of differentiation and innovation without requiring our clients to replace or overhaul their entire enterprise systems. 

Avertra. Let us welcome you to the new digital normal.











Modernizing and Optimizing Operations

  • • Utility Focused Design
  • • Library of KPI Driven Utility Centric Business Functions
  • • Process simplification through intelligent wizards that have the business logic built in 
  • • Alert Frameworks
  • • Integrate and aggregate desperate systems into a unified innovation layer
  • • Integrations with your current software investments available


Business Drive Customer Self Service

  • • Reduces call center’s call volume and workload by moving transactions to the web
  • • Out of the box integration with Call Center CTIs
  • • Provides real-time views of usage and conservation tips
  • • Behavioral and Data Science Driven
  • • Allows customer to monitor performance and adopt smart, socially responsible habits








Enhanced Communication and Customer Engagement

  • • Sends notifications of disruption in service or changes to account 
  • • Allows customer to submit and track service cases through the portal 
  • • Alerts customer when bill is due or payment is late 
  • • Notifies customer when automatic payments are made 
  • • Provides electronic delivery of green marketing material 
  • • Proactive alerting 
  • • Omni-Channel Communication


Simplified Billing and Payment

  • • Saves on paper and postage costs 
  • • Pre-Pay Engine
  • • Eliminate delays due to mail that cannot be delivered by moving customers to ebilling
  • • Allows 24/7 access to billing history and information - anytime, anywhere 
  • • Provides real-time, secure PCI compliant payment processing