MiIVR-copy-JACSMake, receive, and intelligently control voice calls with one API.

The MiIVR® voice application stack combines the power of advanced call control, global connectivity and RESTful APIs. It’s an all-in-one phone call powerhouse designed for instant scale, flexibility, cost-effective communications and has out of the box integration with MiAgent®. 







Global Low Latency

Dynamic call routing technology ensures that the lowest latency media path is always used between callers anywhere in the world by using MiIVR® POPs in 5 continents.

Data Driven Routing

MiIVR® is interconnected with over 3,200 carriers and uses real-time route stats to always provide the best quality and the best price for every phone call. Why pick one carrier when you can pick them all?


Assess how your call center is performing.





Verified Phone Numbers

Our inventory of millions of numbers in 50 countries are available instantly via the API. Each number is tested for 60 days to verify capabilities and root out numbers that receive unwanted call traffic.

Take Payments

Give your customers a way to make payments quickly and easily over the phone.

Audio Recording

Record, store & transcribe calls or specific interactions.