MiFS copy-JACS

End-to-end work force management solution.

MiFieldServices® is an end-to-end workforce management solution. Gone are the days of paper work orders and lost productivity time. With MiFS®, organizations can realize immediate field operations benefits. Built on the MiUtility® platform, MiFS® can be easily implemented to integrate with your current back end system or stand alone to provide real-time work order scheduling, dispatching and completion.

Intelligent Auto-Sequencing (IAS) 
  • • Automatically sequence your Technicians’ work. MiFS® will assess the work orders and load your Technician’s device with a predetermined
    route for the day.
  • • Customizable, taking into account multiple factors such as appointment time, work order priority, and GPS location.
Web Portal and Mobile App
  • • Secure web portal to quickly and easily create, schedule, and dispatch work orders. 
  • • Dispatchers have direct access to work order statuses and updates in real time.
  • • Easy to use mobile app supporting iOS, Android and Windows.
Integrated Real-time GPS Mapping
  • • View Technician and Work Order locations on integrated maps.
  • • Increase efficiency by dispatching the nearest Technician to a work order location.
  • • Reduce drive time, reduce cost, and most importantly, reduce response time.
Fully Customizable
  • • Integrate MiFS® with your current backend system or choose a stand-alone model. Avertra SME’s will assess your Organization’s needs
    and configure MiFS® to your exact specifications. 
  • • Create custom mobile work order templates quickly and easily.
  • • Match your current work order structure for less interruption to your business.

MiDisconnect copy-JACSOne Last Check Before Disconnection 

MiDisconnect® is a simple and easy to use application for Field Technicians to check if the minimum payment amount was made by the customer before disconnecting a meter. This saves the utility money by not having to send another truck to the location to perform the reconnection and keeps the customer’s service on when they have made a last minute payment before disconnection.