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Technology born from the current challenges and tomorrow’s needs of the Energy & Utility Industry

Their once-a-month relationship with you isn’t working. It’s not that they don’t appreciate you. They just want you to get with the times. They want the same web-based account management they’ve been getting from their banks, phone providers, and credit card companies for years. Fast, easily accessible, and uncomplicated. Real-time. Self-service.

Avertra® can help you achieve this win-win relationship with everything you need to meet your customers expectations online while reducing your operating costs in the process. And we’ve taken it a step further. We made it mobile.

Rapid ROI

Water and energy companies will quickly realize a return on investment. No more unnecessary paperwork and operational costs—both inside call centers and out on the field—cutting into your profits.

Your customers will save, too. Real-time analysis of utility usage encourages consumers to take intelligent steps towards reducing their resource consumption and lowering their monthly bills.

Avertra Services


Introducing MiUtility®:
Avertra’s Web Portal and Mobile App

Avertra® introduces easy-to-use and highly effective solutions that satisfy consumers’ expectations while dramatically improving the efficiency of gas, water, and electric utilities operations. MiUtility’s web portal and mobile app provides a one-stop platform for every stage of the customer life cycle—from applying for service to managing account information, monitoring usage, and paying bills.



Easy to use, state of the art, customer account management application with a call center administration module

The MiCustomer Portal is an easy to use, state of the art, customer account management application with a call center administration module. Interacting directly with any back end system you use, the MiCustomer Portal ensures your customers and agents are getting the most accurate and up to the minute information. The MiCustomer Portal lets your customers view and pay their bills online, start and stop service, submit meter readings, manage their contact information, notification options, payment methods and monitor their usage.  Customers can also manage multiple accounts from the same username, making the MiCustomer Portal a one-stop shop for self-service! The MiCustomer Portal is highly configurable to fit the business processes unique to your Utility Company and industry leading security techniques, and a PCI compliant environment assures you and your customers that their data is safe and secure at all times.


Cloud Based Call Center Application Built for Your Utility Business

Built on the MiUtility® platform, MiAgent is a new approach to customer relationship management. MiAgent takes advantage of Web 2.0 technology and strips away all the filler and complexity of classic web-based CRM solutions in the market today.  This leaves a fully customizable application where Customer Service Agents can select from a list of widgets and functions to handle call-in customer’s questions and requests.  Expect reduced call handle time.


Make, receive, and intelligently control voice calls with one API.

The MiIVR voice application stack combines the power of advanced call control, global connectivity and RESTful APIs. It’s an all-in-one phone call powerhouse designed for instant scale, flexibility, cost-effective communications and has out of the box integration with MiAgent.


Utilities are dealing with many challenges to boost customer service, increase field workforce productivity and adopt better ways of managing company assets while reducing total operational expenditure and gaining transparency into daily operations.

MiFieldServices offers organizations with an end-to-end work force management solution. Gone are the days of paper work orders and lost productivity time. With MiFS, organizations can realize immediate field operations benefits.  Built on the MiUtility® platform, MiFS can be easily implemented to integrate with your current back end system or stand alone to provide real-time work order scheduling, dispatching and completion.


Bridging the gap between classical meter reading and a full AMI implementation.

The MiRead Portal and Mobile Applications bridge the gap between classical meter reading and a full AMI implementation.  Built on the MiUtility® platform, the MiRead application can be easily implemented to integrate with your back end system and runs on your current meter reading schedule.  You do not have to change your current meter reading process!  The MiRead Portal application allows you to easily manage route allocations, perform route analytics and control meter readers in the system.  The MiRead Mobile application adapts to your meter read order creation so your meter readers always see the most up-to-date order information.