miportal avertra

Digital Customer

Self-Service Portal

digital customer
  • Self-Service Multi-Account & Profile Management
  • Administration & Configuration Cockpit
  • Digital Bill Presentment & Payment Channels
  • Electronic Notifications, Reminders & Program Enrollments
  • Customer Segmentation & Omni-Channel Communications
  • Integrated Online Start/Stop/Transfer Service
  • Customer Meter Read & Image Submission
  • Service Territory Outage Map

Fundamental Tenets

Designed from the Customer’s Point of View

Real Time Information and Processing

Promotes Self Service & Reduces Call Volume

MiPortal offering:

Easy to Use

Out of the Box
Move In & Out

Real-Time Access
from Everywhere

miportal avertra

Designed for

Utilities and how they work:

  • Intuitive “train-free” design
  • Real-time, consistent data enables increased behavioral control and response
  • PCI Compliant and best practice security protocols
  • Bundled in-browser credit card payment offering

Other Industry Solutions

  • Unintuitive websites
  • Batched, outdated, and inconsistent data
  • Customer privacy and security concerns
  • Minimal or no channel and communication preferences

for mobile

viewing and interaction.

  • Custom-branded
  • Fully interactive
  • Notifications: Have-them-your way
  • Updated in real time