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At Avertra, we offer a unique approach to Mendix development.

At Avertra, we offer a unique approach to Mendix development. TeamMx is a dedicated outsourced Mendix development team managed by Avertra. Take full advantage of our Mendix offering which includes outstanding teams and world-class tools and accelerators.

Engagement Models that are Simple

Dedicated teams of:

We need 8 weeks to onboard your team and understand your digital transformation roadmap.



Project-Based Services

Avertra provides project-based services to customers that would like to minimize the risk associated with critical or large-scale projects. From development of additional functionality to deployment of new complex applications, Avertra is the one stop partner if you are looking for high quality results on time and within budget.

Avertra’s experienced Mendix army combined with our sound project management practices are the core of the success of our projects. The scope of work, timeline, and the related costs will be outlined before the project begins so you can know exactly the hows to achieve your desired results. Besides application deployment services we also offer support services so you can focus on your core business. Let us worry about the rest!



Staffing-Based Service

Staffing services are designed to be simple, no deliverable-based engagements. We have the right resources, from Mendix SMEs to Mendix Rapid Developers, to help you with your staff augmentation and digital transformation projects. Stay on top of your workforce demands while mitigating risk and costs, and saving time. Our flexible staffing services (on-site/offsite/offshore) are designed to fit your short and long-term goals. Get the specialized skills you need and flexibility in duration from as minimum as one hour. Our time and materials rates are adaptable and will get more convenient the higher the duration of the engagement.

Avertra’s Flexible Delivery Models

Spectrum of Options

We will make sure to develop a delivery model that fits your short and long term goals.
Our focus is to make sure this partnership work for you!

Avertra's Development

Tools and Accelerators

Avertra has built a deep library of customer-centric and asset-centric capabilities in Mendix through the building of our MiCustomer Digital Experience Platform and other technologies we have developed for our partners. These libraries are our IP – not copied from customers – and can be used to accelerate your digital journey. The libraries include app templates, connectors, business rules, microservices, UI elements, and much more. TeamMX and project-based customers have unlimited access to Avertra’s array of development tools and accelerators, which can be leveraged to drastically reduce development timelines and costs.

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