Floating on Cloud 9 after CS Week


Written by: Jessica Kaszas

A Quick Recap

During CS Week17 in Fort Worth, TX, we uncovered an interesting trend:
Customer satisfaction is more important than ever and is being paired with digital advancements that have completely revamped the service industry.  


Customer Service ≠ Customer Satisfaction

You walk into a giant hall filled with various companies, services, and swag. CS Week has finally arrived. As you bounce from one vendor to another, the challenge of connecting with customers and providing them with a more enjoyable experience is communicated over and over again.
Well, how do you make setting up and paying for your electricity, gas, or water, fun?
Or better, how do you get someone to 
WANT to participate in something that is viewed rather mundanely? (We might have an idea)

But let’s address the elephant in the room: Customer Service. One would expect this at CUSTOMER SERVICE WEEK, but there’s something a little different here…



So, this elephant is digital…and it’s a cloud

Welcome to the age of technology! Yes, even while reading this you’re using some form of technology- But what does this have to do with your utility bills, and where’s that elephant we discussed?

A survey done by Oracle discovered “almost 97% of utilities were using or considering using cloud-based products.”
Customer satisfaction has become digital and instantaneous – with cloud and SaaS on the rise, utility companies are pushing for this initiative more than ever. But we want to make service easier for our customers AND employees.


We believe that working as a team is key to innovation

We learned how to connect the dots between technology and customer service; to expand technologies, but to never lose personal relationships with our customers which we value so much. More than ever customers are looking for building a partnership and having a one-stop-shop approach for their vendor relationships. At Avertra we have a wide variety of products and services, which, were all created with you in mind. Yes, you! The CSR, the field services tech, the IT Supervisor, and even you, regular person who finds paying their utility bill by phone annoying!  

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