From its founding in 2007, Avertra has been a global technology development and consulting company, servicing North America and several countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


Our in-depth knowledge, gained over the years in Gas, Water, Electric and Sewer Utilities has allowed us to provide innovative solutions to improve ROI, increase revenue and successfully meet our client’s unique business needs.


Avertra provides the insight, support and expertise that propels our customers’ business forward. It also offers its clients global project support while maintaining a consistent level of service and guaranteed sustained growth.


Our Founders fervently believe in the philosophy on which Avertra was built, a deeply held conviction that improving our clients’ daily operations and tracking top down or bottom up corporate goals/KPI’s can be achieved through intuitive out of the box products and solutions partnered with our dedication to the highest level of customer service. The same belief is carried over in every project by Avertra’s leadership and delivery team.

About Avertra

“Peoples Natural Gas has been using Avertra on several fronts over the past few years.   Initially we brought them in to help us implement SAP as we acquired other utilities.  Between acquisitions, Avertra optimized our SAP Business Warehouse for consolidated and complex reporting and reduced process chains from 14 hours to 3 hours.  Their work provided Peoples with a solid base for future analytics and navigable storage. Finally, Avertra led a massive SAP upgrade project at Peoples.   Due to multiple acquisitions we hadn’t had the chance to apply patches or upgrade our SAP system for several years.  The upgrade was extremely successful.


Consulting firms don’t stay at a company for long if they aren’t good, and the fact that Avertra continues to get new projects at Peoples attests to the fact that they know SAP, and the Utility business, inside and out.”

Ruth DeLost-Wylie, Peoples Natural Gas, CIO